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Annual Fund

To our Alumni:


We are turning to you to help in continuing to provide the children in our parish school with the very BEST in CATHOLIC education. 100% of all the monies collected will go directly back to the school every year. These unrestricted funds will be used in the area of greatest need.  The need will be determined on a yearly basis based on priorities generated from the strategic plan. 
The ultimate challenge is our appeal for your support.  We rely strictly on your generosity and the generosity of many people like yourself.  We need your support both monetarily and spiritually (prayers).  YOU DO MAKE A DIFFERENCE in our school, as we continue to be on top of the mountain and reaching higher for excellence in education. 

A pebble thrown into a body of water causes many tiny waves to stir the waters.  Your contribution can make a difference for our children.  You may throw as many pebbles as you wish!

Your gift is our HOPE.



Sister Cynthia Wessel



Contribute today by sending your check to:

St. Agnes School’s Annual Fund

653 St. Agnes Lane

West Mifflin, PA 15122