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Educational Philosophy
St. Agnes School is a Catholic elementary school (pre-school through 8th grade) that exists to serve the academic, spiritual, physical, and emotional needs of your child. Each child is worked with at their own ability. We individualize and do a growth plan for those who have special needs, we challenge all students to do their best and to work to their fullest potential and beyond.


The curriculum of St. Agnes School follows the Curriculum Guidelines of the Diocese of Pittsburgh. The curriculum attempts to ensure that academic success is attained by all of our students. As a Catholic school, our curriculum is permeated with the spirit of mutual respect and concern for each individual.

St. Agnes School offers the following subjects:

  • Religion
  • Mathematics
  • Language Arts
    • Reading
    • English
    • Spelling
    • Handwriting
    • Phonics
  • Science
  • Social Studies
  • Music
  • Art
  • Spanish
  • Computers
  • Physical Education
  • Health

Team Effort

Frequent communication between school and home is considered vital to achieving educational goals. Phone calls and conferences are means of furthering these goals.

Parents have access to grades on-line through OptionC.