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Financing Tuition at St. Agnes School

You have an important decision to make for your family. You must decide how to finance your child’s tuition at St. Agnes School. This page offers you important information about how to afford this investment for your child.

What kind of returns will your child receive from an education at St. Agnes School?

  1. Your child receives a superior academic education as indicated by the performance of our students while they are here and when they move on to high school and college.
  2. Your child receives a dynamic faith-based education that permeates every single class. In addition, your child plans and participates in daily prayer, weekly liturgies (Mass every week – grades 1-8, kindergarten occasionally), and many other faith-based service opportunities.
  3. Your child receives a vibrant co-curricular experience as evidenced in such programs as spelling bees, First in Math, science fairs and, many other fun educational experiences.
  4. Your child will receive a well-rounded education. Our claim is that we educate the whole child.

In understanding these values, you may still need a plan to finance tuition at St. Agnes.

The following are the 2016-17 rates:

Elementary grades kindergarten through grade 8

Yearly Rate

Monthly Rate

Weekly Rate

Daily Rate

Hourly Rate

1 child






2 children






3 children






4 children






(Per Child)








Yearly Rate

Monthly Rate

Weekly Rate

Daily Rate

Hourly Rate

3 year old


9 Months




4 year old –
full day


12 Months





We have a $75.00 registration fee (non-refundable) and a $30.00 supply fee.

Financial Aid Available

Unless you clearly feel that you will not be eligible, you should apply for tuition assistance. To determine tuition assistance eligibility you must complete an application through the Private School aid Service (PSAS). PSAS is a third party evaluator of tuition assistance eligibility. PSAS takes into account things like household income, number in the family, and assets. The information that PSAS requires is simple and straight forward. We can help you complete the PSAS application. A copy of the application can be obtained by contacting the school office at 412-466-6238.

The Angel Fund is also available for members of St. Agnes Parish.


Our tuition payments are from April through May. Other arrangements can be made with the principal. We currently use 24T for tuition payments.  Information is available at the time of registration.

Frequently Asked Questions About Financing at St. Agnes

Who qualifies for financial assistance? How much assistance can I expect?
Financial assistance is based upon your family’s income, number of dependents and any extenuating circumstances; therefore, no specific dollar amount automatically qualifies your family. Financial assistance awards vary depending on your family’s financial situation.
When will I be notified of how much assistance I have been granted?
Once you have completed the necessary financial assistance application and a third party provider has analyzed this information, the diocesan school office will inform you of any award you may be eligible to receive.
What if I decide not to accept the financial assistance award – do I receive the registration fee back?
No, the registration fee is non-refundable.
One last thought to leave with you regarding financing an education at St. Agnes School. Things that you purchase for your children come and go, but the gifts of quality academics, stimulating faith formation, and high self-esteem they receive at St. Agnes School last a lifetime. Give them that gift!