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What Our Students Have to Say About St. Agnes School

➢ St. Agnes School means another home. A place where you can be yourself and shine as bright as you
can. The staff will always encourage you to follow your dreams. A home is a place where you are
with your family in a safe, warm ad friendly place. That is St. Agnes School. The students really
get to know each other and have very strong friendships. You get a lot of support and help from the
teachers. You get to learn so much. The teachers guide you here and show you the way like a

➢ I love St. Agnes School and I am sure it will have a big impact on my life. It will most
importantly give me the key to happiness, which is God.

➢ My teachers make St. Agnes School so special.

➢ St. Agnes School is so special to me because of the friends I have made here. We also have
teachers who want to help us and they care about us.

➢ St. Agnes School is special to me because the teachers help me when I need it. Also, when I go to
school I know it’s not only a place to learn but a place for support. I love the students.  But I
am grateful for our principal, Sister Cynthia and all of the teachers. I love every part of our
school – the academics, the activities, the extra-curricular activities – just everything.

➢ Although I am not Catholic, coming to St. Agnes School has brought me closer to God. By attending
Mass with the students every week, I feel my relationship with God is growing stronger. Being part
of this school is helping me learn how God wants me to be as a student and as a Christian.

➢ Sister Cynthia, our principal puts the whole school on top. She teaches us classes and it is fun.
She tells us when we are too loud. It would be amazing to be in her shoes and do all of the things
she does.

➢ The teachers are important to all of the students. They help us understand things better when we
are struggling with things. We learn things everyday with our teachers. We do get homework from our
teachers, but it is to help us learn more and get smarter each day.

➢ As you walk through the hallways of St. Agnes School you will see student’s work displayed on the
walls outside of the classrooms and inside the classrooms. We want everyone to see what we can do!

➢ Dori, our cafeteria manager adds something special to our lunches. We have the best lunches.

➢ The dictionary defines special as distinguished by unusual quality; being in some way superior;
held in particular esteem; readily distinguishable from others of the same category. All of these
meanings of special accurately describe St. Agnes School. Little did I know when I started
kindergarten it was just a start of new friendships, new beginnings, and a whole new
spiritual and educational life. Because of the dedication and passion for the success of St. Agnes
School our principal has, the school has continued to thrive when so many other small catholic
schools have closed.  St. Agnes School truly is a special place.

➢ St. Agnes School has a lot of things special about it that there are too many to count. One of
the many activities is the After Care Program. This makes St. Agnes School special for me.

➢ It is the morals and values we are taught that makes St. Agnes School so special. Over the years
I often wondered why so many high schools students come back on their days off to visit and help,
now I know! It is because of 150% effort the teachers and principal give to us.
visit and help, now I know! It is because of 150% effort the teachers and principal give to us.