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Mission Statement

St. Agnes School is a Catholic elementary school including preschool through eighth grade.  The goal of St. Agnes School is to develop in each student a growing response to his/her gift of faith that involves:

  • active worship of our loving God
  • the desire to live and spread the Gospel message
  • continuing service to others

St. Agnes School exists to assist families in the religious education of their children.  In addition, the school offers an academic curriculum of superior quality for early childhood, elementary and middle school education.

Belief Statements

At St. Agnes School we believe:

  • The Catholic values of prayer and worship, morality and service must permeate the school environment.
  • All people are children of God and deserve to be valued and respected.  We believe that each one’s unique gifts and talents deserve to be cherished.
  • Every child has the right to a safe and loving environment – an environment that fosters self-esteem, responsibility and accountability, and is supportive of healthy growth and maturity.
  • The whole person must be developed.  We strive for academic excellence as well as spiritual, emotional, social, physical, and psychological growth.
  • Communication that is open and respectful serves the best interest of all members of the community.