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Tender Lamb Preschool

Mission Statement

It is the mission of St. Agnes Tender Lamb Preschool to welcome your child into a warm and caring environment, rich with experiences that will enable him/her to develop physically, emotionally, socially, intellectually and spiritually.

Preschool Requirements

  • To be enrolled in the 3 year old program, your child must be 3 by October 1
  • To be enrolled in the 4 year old program, your child must be 4 by October 1
  • Your child must be toilet trained
  • Your child’s immunizations must be up to date
  • Your child must display appropriate behavior in social interactions (i.e., no spitting, hitting, biting, etc.)


  • 3 year olds will attend class on Tuesday and Thursday from 9:00-11:15
  • 4 year olds will attend class on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday from 8:00 – 2:30 OR 8:00 – 11:15
  • Afternoon Sessions will be added if needed

Preschool Goals

  • To help your child learn that he/she is special
  • To help your child learn about God and the beauty of God’s world
  • To foster a desire for learning
  • To help your child develop socially acceptable behavior
  • To help your child develop confidence through successful experiences
  • To help your child learn to respect others
  • To encourage creativity and exploration
  • To help your child learn to share and cooperate with others
  • To provide opportunities for your child to develop readiness skills
  • To provide opportunities for your child to play and work independently
  • To provide a program and environment conducive to the optimal growth and development of each child – socially, emotionally, physically and intellectually
  • To orient children to a school life which is positive, rewarding and happy


There is a $40 non-refundable registration fee.
Tuition is determined yearly based on the estimated expenses. Tuition is determined by the end of February.
The tuition for the 3 yr. old program is based on 2 days a week while for the 4 yr. old program it is based on 3 days a week – full day & half day.

More information on Tuition and Financing can be found on the Financing page.

The Curriculum

St. Agnes Tender Lamb Preschool program is designed to suit the developmental needs of young children, promoting their spiritual, emotional, social, physical and intellectual growth.
The curriculum is developed using a “hands-on” approach to learning. Multisensory activities enhance the total development of the child and are planned in a sequential manner that follows a theme or is part of a unit.

  • Religion Readiness is an integral part of St. Agnes Tender Lamb Preschool program. It is the preparation time for more formal instruction in the years ahead. Religion readiness involves the development of a positive self-image in relationship to a loving God.
  • Language is the development of communication skills that enable the child to share his/her world with others. At the preschool level, these skills include listening, speaking and thinking. Transferring thoughts into words is the primary skill upon which future language development is based.
  • Personal-Social Development is the primary goal for the young child entering preschool. A positive self-concept is essential to successful learning. The more the child understands himself/herself, the better equipped he/she is to relate to other children and adults.
  • Muticultural Awareness positive social development includes an awareness on the part of the child of the similarities and differences in family life styles and cultures.
  • Play is a child’s business. The value of free play indoors and outdoors cannot be overstated.
  • Art is a joyful creative experience full of self-expression.
  • Music is a channel for creative expression in two ways: the manner in which sounds are communicated by the music-maker and the emotional and physical response that sound evokes from the listener.
  • Motor Skills are a vital part of the young child’s development and are crucial to the learning skills he/she will need in the future.
  • Gross Motor Skills: Body coordination, as appropriate to the child’s physical development, is enhanced through large muscle activities of walking, running, jumping and hopping. Arm-eye coordination is attained by throwing a large ball or bean bag, catching and aiming at a target. Rhythm and movement provide an outlet for creative expression and joy using the body in dance, games, and organized play.
  • Fine Motor Skills: Eye hand coordination is developed through manipulating clay, stringing beads, hammering, pasting, crayoning, painting, pouring, lacing, etc. Dexterity and strength of the small muscles are developing skills that enhance reading and writing readiness.
  • Math Readiness at the preschool level involves acquiring knowledge which comes from understanding colors, shapes, quantitative concepts, such as size difference, basic counting skills, learned through fun and practical application, classifying, and ordering of objects.